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KAMEYAKIYONAGA KAMEYAKIYONAGA 400th Onko-chishin (learning new things from the past)

Company Profile

Message from the president

Kyo-gashi (Kyoto-style treat) was uniquely developed reflecting the natural features of Japan; beautiful mountains and rivers, passage of the seasons, water of good quality and richly blessed grains, beans and agars. It has been polished by aristocratic culture and tradition in Kyoto where the capital of Japan was for more than 1000 years.

Kameyakiyonaga has long been dedicating Kashi (treat) to the Royal Family. We have also been supplying it for the ceremonies of shrines and temples, and historic tea ceremonies. The skill to make our Kyo-gashi comes from a family recipe that is entailed on only one son. It has been never allowed to be taken out and we have kept up the tradition for 400 years. Our journey wasn’t always smooth. We have faced a lot of wars, disturbances, famines and recessions. Every time, our ancestors summoned up their energy and overcame the situation. Their indomitable spirit cultivated in Kyoto’s 400 year history still lives in each Kashi and work.

I inherited a saying, Onko-chishin, from my father. It means “learning new things from the past”. The saying is cliché and not new, but once you try it, you will see the depth and the dignity of this.

Recently, we see a lot of foreign travelers everywhere in Kyoto. It is a great change, but if our ancestors could see this new situation, what would they say about it? Probably, they would say “Remember Onko-chishin”.

There are things that you have to change and things you should never change. We have tried to watch carefully and correctly to carry our any changes. We think that this is exactly the strength which has built our 400 year history and a key to develop in the future.

Our ancestors kept protecting this business for a long time. As the 17th head of the family, my mission is to hand over the business to the next generation properly, never forgetting that my life is just a scene of our long business history and I believe that to achieve this mission will be the best way to show our gratitude to the city of Kyoto, which brought us up through four centuries, and also to customers who have been supporting us.

Kameyakiyonaga will keep devoting itself to making our original Kyoto-style Kyo-gashi and making effort and training with the saying of “Onko-chishin”.

The 17th head of the family and
the representative director,
Kiyoaki Maegawa

Corporate philosophy (Our family motto)

  1. 1To inherit and to prosper the skills
    which ancestors kept and protected.
  2. 2To train capable people who lead the next generation.
  3. 3To appreciate and to serve for society.

Each employee always has to respect customers, fellows, dealers, society people and their family. We will keep our dignity and pride as a store with a long history. Always try to be modest and keep making the efforts as mentioned above.

Company Profile

Company name Kameyakiyonaga Inc.
Established 1617
Top management Kiyoaki Maegawa
Capital 10,000,000yen
Business Manufacturing and selling Kyo-gashi
Head office 534 Gion-cho Higashiyama-ku,
Kyoto-city Kyoto, Japan 605-0074
Phone +81-75-561-2181
Main customer
  • Souhonzan Enryaku temple
  • Souhonzan Chionin
  • Daihonzan Kurodani Konkaikoumyou temple
  • Daihonzan Hyakumanben Chion temple
  • Daihonzan Shoujoukein
  • Daihonzan Kiyomizu temple
  • Daihonzan Nanzen temple
  • Myouhouinmon-zeki (Sanjusangendo)
  • Honzan Shinsei Gokuraku temple
  • (Shinnyodo)
  • Yamazaki Shouten Kannon temple
  • Yamashina Shouten Sourinin
  • Takaradzuka Kiyoshikoujinseichouji
  • Yasaka shrine
  • Kamomioya shrine (Simogamo shrine)

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  • TEL. +81-75-561-2181

    Business hours 9am-5pm
    Closed on Wednesdays and irregular holidays

  • FAX. +81-75-541-1034

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