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Kameyakiyonaga Website Terms of Use

Kameyakiyonaga Website (hereinafter called “this site”) is established and managed by Kameyakiyonaga Inc. (hereinafter called “we” or “our company”). Please read and agree with the Terms of Use before using any aspect of the Service.

Intellectual Property Rights

On this site, all information, such as all text, trademarks, logos, photographs, etc., including compilation, arrangement, and rights for the content, belongs to our company or is used under legitimate rights. Information on this site may only be used for your personal use. No part of this site may be copied and used except for your personal use.

Exception Clause

The information on this site is provided for free, excepting some parts of the service. For reading or gathering information on this site, it is the user’s responsibility to confirm if it meets their demand, if the use constitutes legal use, and users must adhere to the laws and regulations concerning copyrights, confidentiality, defamation of character and maintaining dignity.
We accept no responsibility for any trouble, loss or damage caused by use of this site.

Terms of Use for the Links

To add a link, please read and observe the Terms of Use for the Links and give your name, contact address, website URL and the URL of your web page linked to this site. We reserve the right to refuse the link if these terms are not met.

Please write our company name and this site name clearly on the page you linked.
We only accept being linked through the URL below. We reserve the right to refuse the type of link wherein this site shows up directly on the screen.
URL: http://www.kameyakiyonaga.co.jp

Even once a link is accepted, we reserve the right to remove or refuse the link when the source and the destination of the link are unclear, when it seems to cause obstacles to our business, or when the linked web site is no longer appropriate for our purpose.

Please note, we may change the information of this site without prior notice to users.

Terms of Use of this site is based on Japanese laws.

Privacy Policy

Based on Kameyakiyonaga Inc.’s “Privacy Policy”, we pay close attention to handling our customer’s private information in order to protect it properly.
We keep regulations and norms about protecting private information and developing our Privacy Policy.
Please understand and accept our Privacy Policy before using any of the Services on this site.
We may change or revise the policy to provide more comfortable and safer services.

About the handling of private information.

1: Range of this site.

Under the domain of http://www.kameyakiyonaga.co.jp/ managed by Kameyakiyonaga Inc. (hereinafter called “we” or “our company”).

2: What is private information?

Private information is information such as user’s name, address, e-mail address, phone number, sex and date of birth and any information that can specify individuals. We protect all this information.

3: We clearly specify the purpose of use of private information.

When we acquire user’s private information, we use it only to achieve the purpose for which it was given, within the essential range. Also we show the purpose clearly.
〈The purpose of Use〉
・For questionnaires, to gather information when the customer permits.
・For contacting customers to respond inquiries and the like.
・In case of failure, for providing urgent information to keep the security of customers.

4: We only use it in the range of our purpose.

Private information offered by users is used only for the purpose that is indicated to users clearly and will not be used for any other purposes.

5: About providing private information to a third party.

Private information offered by customers will be used for sales and shipping tasks. We disclose the information to entrusted delivery companies that have confidentiality agreements with our company. We do not provide the information to any third parties except for ordinal sales and shipping tasks, unless accepted by the users.
However, we offer the information, when it is necessary, to protect customers or a significant benefit, such as public life, health or property, or when it is required to disclose or to provide under laws and ordinances.

6: Sharing of private information.

We do not share any private information with others.

7: Management and consignment of private information.

Obtained private information is managed by our company.
Moreover, we may entrust a part of our business to an outsider.
In this case, we choose the ones that meet our basis of selection, conclude a contract about handling of private information with the outsiders, and manage them properly.

8: Arbitrary property of offered private information.

Users can offer their private information optionally, but if the offered information has omissions, mistakes and the like, we may not be able to achieve “The purpose of Use” referred to in Clause 3.

9: About Cookies.

Cookies are used by website providers to track a part of the data and save them temporarily on the customer’s computer for their convenience.
No cookies are used on this site.

10: Name of business operator.

Kameyakiyonaga Inc.

11: Name and contact number of administrator.

Name: Kameyakiyonaga Inc.
TEL: +81-75-561-2181

Order and Inquiry

  • TEL. +81-75-561-2181

    Business hours 9am-5pm
    Closed on Wednesdays and irregular holidays

  • FAX. +81-75-541-1034

    Once your order is confirmed, we will contact you by phone.
    Please be sure to write your name and phone number when you order.

◆The merchandise will be shipped to your address. ◆Full payment (cash) on delivery ONLY.